Bus advertising brings brand messages to thousands of people as they travel through cities. Thesemoving billboards impact the population on their daily journeys becoming a highly-effective platform for transmitting advertising messages that leave a lasting impression on users. 

Advertising inside buses offer a high-exposure time to brands. Passengers spend significant time inside these ensuring prolonged exposure that provides brands with a unique opportunity to influence purchasing decisions and create emotional connections with their audiences.

Publicidad en buses

At iCo Medios, we are proud to offer outdoor advertising opportunities on buses in very important cities on the Colombian coast, such as Barranquilla, Montería, and Santa Marta. Bus passengers in these cities have an average stay on the bus of 22, 26, and 17 minutes respectively. Our presence in these markets allows us to reach diversified and constantly growing audiences.

million monthly
users in Barranquilla
million monthly
users in Santa Marta
0 ,6
million monthly
users in Montería
0 ,4