BTL experiences

BTL (Below The Line) activations are marketing strategies that allow audiences to not only see, but also interact, be entertained, and have direct contact with brands. This interaction creates a sense of closeness and trust, which is essential for building strong relationships with consumers. These experiences stand out for their ability to break people’s daily routines. By surprising audiences with unique and memorable experiences, they generate a lasting impact on the consumer’s mind, in addition to stimulating word of mouth and social media presence. This positive impression strengthens the relationship between the brand and the customer, which can translate into long- term loyalty.
At iCo, we understand the power of BTL activations and the importance of choosing the right place to carry out these experiences. We have a wide variety of spaces in our media nationwide that are ideal for creating disruptive and impactful experiences. Our media, which include tolls, airports, shopping malls, and mass transit systems provide the perfect spot for brands to create memorable experiences and reach their audiences authentic and effectively.

Advantages of BTL

BTL experiences


We develop experiential activities and volumetrics in parks and squares in Bogotá and Medellín. Activations on the bike lane (called “ciclovía” in Colombia) in Bogotá, in addition to branding on skateboard tracks and street activations.


We create unique moments between brands and audiences, in strategically chosen spaces of our media through various types of activities that break the audiences’ routine and create high engagement, because they are one-on-one interactions.