Transit advertising is an effective and powerful strategy to impact citizens on their daily journeys. These spaces become invaluable touchpoints for brands as passengers interact and connect with advertising messages while moving from one place to another, and with high frequency.
Publicidad en metro de medellin

One of our strengths is the exclusive marketing of all outdoor advertising of Medellín Metro. This mass transportation system is a fundamental pillar in the daily lives of the inhabitants of Medellín and its metropolitan area. The presence of brands in this context offers unparalleled exposure and the opportunity to communicate effectively with millions of passengers daily.

We are also strategic partners for the marketing of advertising for other very important mass transit systems, which include TransMilenio in Bogotá, Transmetro in Barranquilla, Metrolínea in Bucaramanga, and Transcaribe in Cartagena, thus covering 5 of the most important cities in the country.