We create memorable experiences between brands and their audiences, transforming outdoor advertising in Colombia.

At iCo Medios, we are committed to offering comprehensive outdoor advertising (ooH) solutions that transform spaces and generate memorable experiences between brands and their audiences. We create unique moments and relevant connections through ooH, DooH, BTL, and Digital media. Our mission is to constantly improve and diversify our products and services, to always be one step ahead and deliver exceptional results.

Unmatched locations and formats

We are proud to have unbeatable, impactful, and exclusive out of home advertising locations and
formats in our media. We help brands stand out and be more relevant in their communications by
adding value to each trip, journey, and daily activity of users.

Effective advertising strategies

Our approach is not limited to just offering out of home advertising, but we work hand in hand with our clients to develop effective and creative advertising strategies.We want to go beyond established objectives and exceed expectations providing different and innovative solutions that drive the success of each campaign. At iCo Medios, we combine the professionalism and experience of our team of experts with creativity and innovation creating unique experiences in outdoor advertising world.

Our ooH media are complemented and amplified by LED screens (DooH), BTL experiences, and Digital products. This media integration allows us to develop 360° outdoor advertising strategies for greater impact and effectiveness of the message.

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