With the evolution and constant innovation of digital technologies in the world of out of home, DooH (Digital out of Home) has become a key piece to impact audiences in a more dynamic, interactive, and innovative way. DooH has transformed the way brands communicate with their target audiences, as they can now use dynamic and personalized content in real time to reach people more effectively. And not only it is effective for advertisers, but also improves the audience’s experience. Digital displays can provide useful information, entertainment, and interactive experiences that enrich users’ lives.
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At iCo, we are committed to the digitalization of advertising formats. We have incorporated large- format LED displays into a variety of media, which include tolls, airports, shopping malls, billboards, and mass transit systems. This expansion has allowed us to offer our clients a powerful platform to reach their audiences in a more impactful and efficient way.

Advantages of DOOH

DOOH programmatic buying

Programmatic DOOH (pDooH) buying is the new way to buy advertising on screens in places such as digital billboards, transportation systems, shopping malls, tolls, and airports. Thanks to its automation and data-based decision-making capacity, it allows brands to reach the target audience efficiently optimizing the budget, and maximizing the impact and efficiency of the campaigns.

This purchasing model allows for more detailed metrics and precise analysis of the performance of advertising campaigns allowing strategic decisions to be made based on data and insights. In addition, it provides greater autonomy and customization when purchasing advertising, and thus parameterize the campaigns according to the objectives and specific audience.

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